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The website is LIVE again thanks to my friend Chris K (B.S.of D.) for making this possible! In the last year’s website hiatus, I’ve worked on some music, remixes and been published on 757Eletronica’s Volume 2 Compilation. I’ve had the pleasure of being interviewed by Axel Peebles on his show Axel Radio @ VegasAllNetRadio.


Elektronights Week 15 Episode 3 by Dj Elektrosniper on Mixcloud

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On their 2015 US Tour!!!

They were Robbed of their gear and Merch
in San Fransisco
earlier this October 2015.
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Elektronights Week 11 Episode 1 by Dj Elektrosniper on Mixcloud

Here are some links to quench your musical thirst;

  1. Elektrosniper Soundcloud
  2. Dj Elektrosniper’s Soundcloud
  3. Maschinengeist341 Soundcloud
  4. Dj Elektrosniper’s Mixcloud
  5. Dj Elektrosniper’s Mixcrate
  6. Elektrosniper’s Bandcamp


Thanks once again to Chris K (DSofB) for making this possible!