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Patrick elektrosI can say for sure that I have ONE track that at least someone likes, hehehe.  Most of the music I’ve produced over the years has been in a constant rate of growth. I can’t say it’s Great!, but I will admits that a lot of it is; in fact, Terrible!  To some it might be an acquired taste, though be it a bad one.  And earlier this year/late last year (2014/2013) I was more than pleasently surprised when the track ‘Money Politics Corruption Greed’ got accepted to the 757elecronical Compilation Vol.2, and very enthusiastically at that!

On February 20th, 2014 I had the pleasure of joining Axel Peedles on his Radio Broadcast over VegasAllNetRadio. (

      A.X.E.L. Radio | Feb 20
), and I need to thank Thomas Deurig for that and the opportunity he gave me by having my track on the 757electronica Compilation Volume 2.

…up until then, and even now, I’m still surprised by the good feedback I’ve received from that track:

Most of my musical ‘career’ has been based on the Dj’ing side of things.  I did a short stint recently on EVE-Radio and I met quite a few good people there.  You can listen to the recorded sets on my Mixcloud page.

I’ve Dj’d since 1999 when I started in Vertigo at the Abyss in Virginia Beach, VA, USA. Soon after I’d run through a plethora of other clubs, each residency enhancing my interest and at times obsession with new music.  Soon enough I got tired of just mixing peoples music together and started altering popular songs to have samples of movies incorporated via the use of Sonic Foundry’s Acid Pro 2 and later 4 (now owned by Sony).

Sometime in 2002-2003 I began experimenting loops so as to make songs of my own, and later in 2003 to remix some of my favorite songs.  I changed programs and began using FL Studio and met a few people online that helped to influence the rate of speed in which I attained the information i craved.  How to make Music!  In 2004 I released a 4 track demo that was more techno than industrial (my genre of choice). Sometime earlier that year I also joined the community (now defunct), and Submitted one of my remixes to their first compilation release.  The compilation released later that year was a 2CD collection and my remix was among them.

By that time I’d moved tot he Washington DC area, and started guest appearing at Bound and a few other clubs of the time.


(To be continued)